Remember this?
To which I'm sure y'all are responding, "Yes, Jen, we remember this photo. Show us what the heck it is!"

It's worth the wait. Have you ever read the book Where the Wild Things Are, or seen the movie version? We were extremely unimpressed with the films interpretation of the book, BUT the characters and their creatsion... Well, we think KU tried to do something along those lines.

Check it out:

This is constructed from real wooden growth. Can you imagine how long it took, how patient the students had to be? Who came up with the idea and to what degree did he or she have to gently persuade the campus to go for it? Was it an art project or a biology project? Literature? Or just an attempt at a Guinness record?

Either way, we were fascinated. We made Luck, sorry, I mean Luke park illegally while we scrambled around it.

Here's a funny shot with Hawk. It looks like he's scolding this kid:
But he wasn't.

So Lori and I jumped inside for a pic, which gives you an idea of its true size (that first one with the stop sign is an injustice):
Don't we look tall?  Or at least cute.

This last shot is the best. I went inside and caught both the opening at the top and a doorway through the doorway. You can see how the structure supports itself on the tree...

What do you think? Rather swell, eh?


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