In this hawks' nest, matter matters. As material creatures we learn everything through our physical experiences, so every material thing has power to transform and effect us. The proverbial toilet paper roll? If it becomes an issue then let's be honest, the issue isn't one ofwho's lazy and who's responsible, it is really a matter of respect for each other's time and comfort. If we are careful when we paint the trim or we put no effort into a meal, we are relaying something particular to the ones we love.

Hawk and I, well, we are very. very. very unalike in personality. And in appearance. I have hair, he doesn't. He has height, I don't. He can play any stringed instrument including the piano and win at any sport but skating or swimming, and I can barely walk down the stairs without bumping into a wall. 

But we want precisely the same things for our life together. 

We met when he moved literally next door in our old, East Side apartment building. Kid you not, the guy walked in the room with a full beard (sigh, I miss that beard) and I knew I was going to fall for him. Now we is all hitched, homeowners, and the parents of two little ones.

In less than three years of marriage we've noticed a number of parallels between the work we put into our nest and the work we put into our marriage. We've observed that in transforming our house into a home, we are learning how to transform our marriage from a potentially mediocre relationship into a union worth one's lifelong dedication.

You won't find a great deal of explicit revelations about our marriage in this blog--it's just not the way we work--but you may get the sense that in each post, it comes back to this point:

transforming a house transforms our marriage

We sincerely thank you for spending time with us and we hope you will come back often.

j & Hawk


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