making it home :: a series about starting from scratch

Drawn from our experience and study of Cheryl Mendelson's brilliant home-catchall, Home Comforts, some trial and error, and various helpful finds we've come across, this series details how we learn to make our house into a home through housekeeping, meal planning, laundry care, safety, and more!

We highly recommend that any reader interested in this topic purchase the Home Comforts book. We purposefully leave some helpful details off the blog because our synopsis of trial and error simply cannot do justice to the all-encompassing material Ms. Mendelson presents. We are not perked or promoted by the publisher in any way--we just like the book.

Thank you for your interest and for joining us through this little adventure! We keep it honest, and we want to encourage you to dive in head first in your own home!

You'll find the complete list of Making it Home posts below, 
updated as new topics are added. 

~jen & Hawk

How to Keep House, the Start October 11, 2011
Housekeeping : Is it for Me? October 27, 2011
What's So Great About a Schedule? November 2, 2011
Starting a Housekeeping Routine, the Daily list February 22, 2012
Succeeding at the Daily Routine, February 28, 2012
Starting a Housekeeping Routine, the Weekly list March 1, 2012


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