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Last week's great comments about the daily routine got me thinking about how to explain and encourage you if you're working it into your own life. I recalled a few things I did to get started.

First, I picked a Saturday/Sunday 
to begin this whole crazy endeavor, 
so I could start with a truly clean slate. 
Do you remember Dangerous Minds when Michelle Pfeifer says that the kids don't have to earn an A, they just have to maintain the one they already have? If you don't, here it is (and I'm totally feeling old now). 

The same thing goes for housekeeping. I found it extremely helpful to go nuts one weekend, give my son to my husband for some quality time, and clean as much as I possibly could from top to bottom. Now, I used a lot of what is in the book to adequately do so--an efficient and worthwhile checklist and how-to is included in the book.

So when I began my daily routine on Monday, I was merely maintaining rather than reestablishing order. It is MUCH easier to maintain something than to establish it bit by bit. If you jump into this series, I suggest giving yourself a clean slate first and then give the following 3 weeks to see how it improves your time, energy, and effectiveness.

Second, I embraced the weekly routine 
along with the daily, 
and this makes a big difference because it allows for things to be done on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis (duh). Okay, that was totally obvious. Let me explain it better: one of the great thing about having the weekly routine alongside the daily is that I only clean the kitchen floor, scrub the stovetop, wipe out the microwave, etc., twice a week, so on a daily basis I am returning the room to a certain standard rather than starting all over again.

So my daily routine is really about 
maintaining the status quo,
and my weekly routine gives me 
time to reestablish it.
But wait, you haven't posted about the weekly routine yet, you fool!

Yes, this is true. It's coming on Thursday!!!

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends. I hope this helps you start off with more ease and satisfaction.


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