ombre curtains & changes in the nest

Good morning!
I recently came across this bedroom design renovation on that ever-popular, tried-and-true site DesignSponge, and I'm positive I can pull off an ombre creation sometime this late spring or early summer. Which will give me time to figure out what colors to use.

Aren't they lovely? They're from Anthropologie and this version is currently out of stock, or discontinued, who knows. But I must respectfully say that they are not worth $200+ for both panels. Come on, people.

So I'm going to try to make it happen.

Don't believe me? Well, we're making some changes around here at the Hawks' house. Here's Hawk late last night, beginning to cut our living room:
Some just in time for Baby Obie's arrival--which should be in 4 weeks, give or take a day.

  • The carpet will be installed in the basement this Wednesday, which means the basement will be done aside from decorating. Holy mackeral, batman.
  • We're ordering a new living room rug from Crate & Barrel. I scoured the web in search of another just like it and found only those with a x3 the price tag attached. Yuck. So I feel we're making a really good decision with C&B.
  • We're painting the living room. Oh yes, we are. And after that, most likely after newborn matters have settled into the infant stage, we're also painting the dining room, the stairwell and hallway, and full bathroom. Yes, we painted everything only 2.5 years ago. But what is the point of a starter home if you can't play around? Besides, I now hold firmly to the design rules mentioned in this post.
  • We're purchasing furniture for the living room since we're using almost all hand-me-downs or cast-offs or a combination of both and we-had-this-in-college. Yes, we are in our 30's. Or at least Hawk will be next month and I hit that brilliant milestone in 2010. 
I can't wait to show you an updated basement, the new living room color once it is finished, and the rug once it arrives!

Have a lovely Monday, friends.



  1. do you worry about the paint smell with Cormac? I wouldn't let Arch start painting the past few weeks b/c I didn't want to do it while the boys were sleeping even though he bought the...whatever it's called...odor free stuff? he would be happy to hear you'd let him do it if you were here :)

  2. Jen,

    YES, I won't allow the regular paint in our house at all (started with the first pregnancy). For this round I grabbed Sherwin Williams Duration in Matte, which is very low-VOC. I would have gone with their Harmony (zero-VOC) but it didn't come in Matte finish. I also score a 30% discount every time, which I can tell you more about. And since the better paint covers better, we don't need to buy more than 2 gallons for 2-3 coats in our living room.

    You could easily color match though and go with a paint from Home Depot that is still low/zero-VOC. We did that for our last paint job. Totally worth every single penny.

    I hope that helps!!!



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