Did I mention funeral favors?

During our first housewarming, a friend from work called to tell me that a funeral for which her reception committee prepared a reception had leftover food. Apparently, the family purchased enough for 200 people and only received a third of that during the actual reception. More than 11 containers of Sendik's catered food remained unopened.

She knew we were throwin' a little shin-dig, so she brought 7 containers over. One, we accidentally spilled all over the street, but 6 more made it into the house. By the time our second housewarming began, we were able to set out enough bread (rye, sourdough), spinach dip, and antipasto platters to give the impression of real high class hostessing. (wink wink)

Of course, we couldn't resist...we told our friends that they were eating previously-unopened funeral favors! Throughout the evening, we toasted such generosity and the long-life of the deceased (over 80 years). 

{devoted detail}: Appreciating what falls into place--and what doesn't. We completed everything we planned to complete, and we weren't above receiving gifts like that and even celebrating their uniqueness. The same certainly applies within marriage itself, eh? A gift is a gift is a gift.


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  1. That dead people food tasted great.


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