Fall, Farewell

Yikes! It's been a week since I last posted, and my google.analytics tells me that you're all still poppin' in to read the blog...and I've had little for you to find

Well, November is coming to a close. I have a few things on the horizon including a couple guest posts from my favorite bloggers, a snazzy little muffin recipe Hawk found and made for his coworkers' Thanksgiving smorgasboard party, the wedding shower favor Steph and I made Monday night, amongst others. 

And as I said, November is coming to a close. We're finally nearing winter(!), and I couldn't be more pleased. Hawk helped me pick out cozy boots that resemble the silly Ugg-fest my teenagers wear everywhere, but are thankfully more mature (trust me, I asked. Given that I look like a teenager, I need to encourage public opinion to the contrary). So now I can walk to work in style and comfort. And warmth. No more work trousers (yes, I said trousers) dragging on the sidewalk... {Aren't they adorable, Mama?}

Back to November coming to a close. Here are our final images of autumn. I sincerely wish autumn would take a little longer to expire...

We have a large back yard. A couple of weeks ago when the weather was surprisingly temperate, Hawk and I gave a weekend to fall cleaning. We raked,

I shot two last photos of the previously-considered-hideous bushes between our house and driveway, which during fall appear vibrant and beautiful,

especially this little fella:

Feeling so grateful I live in such a quaint, front-yard community,

Cleaning out all my old clothes,

While watching Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boreman traverse two hemispheres on motorbikes,

Wishing I could buy this instead of sort my clothing,

But we know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we later hit our first Marquette game with very good friends in particularly excellent seats

mourned yet another Aaron-Rodgers-and-the-defense-from-hell loss to the Vikings, where at least we got to eat great chili (Wendy's recipe!)

and laugh at the staredown between Buddy & Jack,

That last one is a keeper.  Thank you for not giving up on me despite my absence!

Next post: Muffins!



  1. Yes, Peaches, the boots are adorable....and you will still look like a teenager.

  2. thank you for the image credits ;)
    this gave me an opportunity to browse your blog and i love it!


  3. nocturna, such a pleasure! Nice work, yourself!

  4. Buddy vs. Jack, who won? I vote Buddy, less intelligence means you can stare longer. Who wins a staring contest between you and hawk?


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