Muffin Man

photo by overant
Everyone likes muffins. They're an excuse to eat cupcakes for breakfast.

So when Hawk called and suggested he make/bring muffins to his office Thanksgiving party (after his suggestion of Li'l Smokies), I grabbed ingredients and became his sidekick.

He chose a Banana-Chocolate-Chip recipe. For the most part, it was good, but it needs a little kick. We're not sure what, so if you have better muffin suggestions, please, do tel!

I've been putting my baking ingredients in a little woven basket to keep things accessible and intact. It's very convenient!

Here is the Muffin Man himself, measuring out some baking powder:

And that delicious batter....I ate at least a muffin's worth with my fingers.

...performing the challenging task of getting just the right amount of batter in each muffin cup so that we get the desired muffintop:

Now, you'd think that I would have taken a photo of the finished product. I did not. Ugh. But they were pretty tasty!


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