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Last night, Hawk and I went over to our newly-married friends' for dinner. She used to be one of my "kids. I was in her wedding this past August and now, they're expecting in late April! Between our two weddings, we've barely had the opportunity to spend time together, so this dinner was a real treat in catching up, hearing details, and discussing the trials and triumphs provided in marriage and family life.

They're vegetarian, so they whipped up a simple Italian pasta meal with this at the center:

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We sat down at 7:30 and before we knew it, three hours had passed without us moving an inch. So much happens over good food. And while I'm ready to eat pizza every week just like the next gal, quick and easy foods are less conducive to the sort of conversation that makes relationships, that leads one in progressively reflective thought. So much of my own personal formation occurs over food, and so many of my closest friendships are kindled with quality meals.


{devote} There's something about sitting at a table, pouring drinks, passing plates, asking for seconds. A meal differs greatly from "food." The presentation may be brilliant, but the same quality may be reached if the presentation is simply the best that house can offer. Like the beggar woman who threw two penny coins into the pot. Our friends had a small, decades old metal-and-formica table, simple dishes, and no candlelight, but it was like dining at Bartolotta's Baccus. And in our marriage, might the same be said? Giving the best to each other with what we have.

Because they hosted us. They prepared for us. And so last night, we truly enjoyed ourselves over Spotted Cow, ricotta-stuffed pasta boats, garlic bread and salad. The conversation flowed like hearty wine.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. I love, love, love stuffed shells! What do they put in theirs (besides ricotta, of course)?


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