an early Christmas present

No, we did not have a child. And no, this is not the face of a friend's progeny. 

Per a previous post, Hums has agreed to be the ghost-cynic. So this is a laugh pic (she would kill me, from Seattle, if I ever posted her face without a GlamourShot session first). She's too funny (and yes, I do mean "too") and she's the only person I've ever met who can make the act of walking up stairs--without tripping--absolutely hilarious.

Thus, at the end of most posts, she'll be adding a little wit. Or just cruelty. Either way, it makes me laugh.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



  1. I have agreed? This is news....

    I know only too well that all of the pictures you have of me are dreadful! Case in point. Besides, everyone who knows me knows I have much bigger, whiter, teeth than this picture shows. hmmph.
    It does, however, capture that mischievous sparkle in my eye... and my double chin.

  2. you two make me laugh so much. Merry Christmas!


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