on a Budget

Hawk and I are working through our budget. After buying the house, contributing to surface renovations, we're finally able to ascertain our general expenses. We received a great piece of advice from my friend who suggested that we sit down together over a bottle of wine at the end of each month and discuss the past 30 days of expenses, anticipate the next 30, etc. 

We took her advice.

Since we've had this conversation (it took 3 hours), I have much more peace and a sense of appropriate control over spending and saving. And what makes it even better is that I know we'll have another at the end of this month.

{devote} I've had a number of engaged or newly married young women ask me about finances. I believe I respond most consistently with one thought: whatever is in the light is better for the marriage. In other words, separate accounts,  independent spending, numerous cash withdrawals without accountability--ultimately, these things promote distrust, secrecy, defensiveness. Considering how high finances rank on the "trouble-in-marriage" list, we are willing to throw that junk under a police lamp to keep it from coming between us. And the discipline, the humility it demands of both of us...good stuff.

Granted, I married a good man who can get over his own desires and wants for the sake of what is best for us (and he rightly demands the same of me).

So our excel spreadsheet is now in active duty. I highly recommend the wine-conversation over a heated table discussion. And that's not just because I'm a fan of the malbec.


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