possibly the best wedding of 2009

The Katie&Miles 12.12.09 wedding was possibly no, definitely, my favorite wedding of the year. By far the best Protestant church I've ever seen (these photos really don't do justice, and I've an aversion to snapping photos during vows). The music was sincere and professional, the congregation truly sang it, and the bride and groom sought ceremony over entertainment.

The reception took place at our beloved Lakefront Brewery. Beloved in that it offers a variety of locally-brewed beers and showcases--quote unquote--"the best damn tour in the world...forget Miller!" Katie chose to go with the season and keep decor understated and classic:

The cupcakes were topped with cheesecake frosting (we think):

We shyly snapped one photo of Hawk, Adam Sandler, and this cutie named Sarah (isn't everyone cute named Sarah?). 

Note: Not really Adam Sandler. Just a really good friend who looks and speaks like the real thing, unintentionally.

Then, one of my favorite photos of the evening. Not sure if it's Pauls suspenders, the glow, or the fact that three of these four men are rather special to me, but it pleases me greatly:

There was a prop box for photos, and the graduation hat became the "your turn to dance crazy hat," passing from guest to guest. Here it is on Bruce, with Aaron "cuttin' a rug."

This girl danced in style (the personal attendant--we thought she was fantastic):

Seriously, we closed the dance floor that evening! I'm getting old, and frankly, I've been getting bored with the whole wedding dancing thingie, but this time, I took this photo at 11:30pm!!! and the place was packed! I'd jump off for a sip of something tasty and rush back, even with hurting feet, tired quads, and a buzzing in my ear:

thishawksnest has long since realized we're not the most photogenic couple. So rather than post what we wish we looked like:


I thought honesty would be more joyful:

And honestly, THIS is what I was going for with my wedding dress (I'm happy with what I chose, but...). I can't get enough of Katie's gown! Classic, crisp, relaxed, sophisticated---and dance-worthy:

Last but not least, I must leave you with this guy. He was in the wedding party, and he had me cracking up constantly. I gave him the tambourine an hour before this photo was taken, and he just kept going with it:

Thank you Katie & Miles!


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  1. only 3 of the 4 men in the photo are special to you? That's not nice to say in front of Hawk...


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