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In the US, it is a brief but pleasurable game for friends to try to figure out from what ethnic backgrounds each other hails (I say, "in the US because we have readers from Asia and the UK). Most people think that I (J) have mediterranean, South American, or even Asian ancestors. I do not, though I often wish I did. I am Polish, Scottish, German, and Brit. I usually don't claim the last two because they're rather common in the midwest.

When it comes to Hawk, everyone is extremely surprised to find he has Norwegian (correct me if I'm wrong Ellie) and Cherokee in his blood. Cool, eh?

Just today, I came across a new show and two new blogs, one of which is involved in a film project. All regard genealogies, histories, and the formation of the person through his or her past. 
The first blog: The Grand Tour
The second blog: de Buren Family

I'm extremely impressed with both blogs and the show looks interesting. The de Buren Family blog highlights Jean, the researcher and progeny of the family. He's fascinating. He recently created an etching "in 2010 by the great-great-great-great-grandson of the artist from a 230 year-old plate on 280 year-old paper."
If you have the chance, check out his work. While much of what we post (and yes, Hawk does have a say in what we post, even if I'm often writing it) concerns home or crafty DIY, Jean takes DIY to quite the higher level.

Happy Weekend! We're off to a Church Crawl!


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