housewalking week 3

Another day for Housewalking!
We like this house because it conveys a sense of the traditional farmhouse, yet remains classy and appropriate for the neighborhood. We love the porch, the prominent fireplace, and how great it looks covered in a ton of snow.

And just for fun, we're adding a second house this week:
This home is one of Hawk's favorites. Though it's in the tudor style, it doesn't overwhelm. It still conveys the cottage feel. We love how the owners strung their wreaths and garland (and that they haven't removed them yet!). I think we'll watch this home over the next few decades, dreaming that we may one day be able to afford it (we won't).

We've received over a foot of snow in the past week. Since we're all pretty used to snow here, it hasn't been bad for businesses or schools. Thankfully, no "snomeggedon" as in the east. And it has been warm and sunny when not snowing. The best February I've ever seen in Wisconsin!

Happy Tuesday!

~j & Hawk

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