People use this word to express that something unique and progressive has taken place. Graduations, first kisses, trips to Prague, marriages, babies, winning the lottery. Some more likely than others.

Well, we have three milestones for which we thank our readers!

First, as of yesterday, we've doubled our returning readership from last month! This includes 7 countries (like Germany, the UK, and Thailand) and 21 states. Where are you Hawaii?

Second, we've received our first comment in another language, and using google.translater, we're really flattered:
which according to google.translater says, 
"Easy browsing of the blog, would like to thank you for sharing oh"

Thank you for the compliment! I keep laughing at google's addition of "oh" at the end! 

Third, we've been asked to "share a bit" of our small spaces with another blog we admire! Katie of MakingThisHome is an American in Germany. She highlights the ways that younger couples use their smaller spaces for better function and home-i-ness. Since we own a smaller home and have no desire to increase its size for at least a decade (Jen's hoping never!), we love how she celebrates small spaces. She's very kind and creative. Check her blog out when you have a moment.

So thank you, dear readers, for making these first 4 months of blogging so much fun!

~j & Hawk


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