why 30 beats 29

Though Hawk looks 30, it's actually Jen who celebrates it this year. And as our blogging friends expand, we've asked a handful of them to contribute a guest post on anything related to what we chat about at thishawksnest---and somehow, they must incorporate the number 30.

Now, the 30-thing is really just an excuse to do fun things. Anna from An Inch of Gray and Jessica from Lavender & Lilies have both agreed to guest post for us! We will begin posting these delights in March.

Update: Since we first posted this, we've also received word that Tricia from Avolli and Marta from m.writes will also be joining the 30 challenge. We couldn't be more pleased!

We're so grateful!



  1. I believe women are their most beautiful in their 30's and 40's- some even into their 50's! Sandra Bullock is in her mid-40's. Have you seen "that" scene in The Proposal? The best is yet come. Happy Birthday to you, Jeni. Babycycle

  2. I've never seen the proposal, but I believe you that it's good. Love you!


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