two little shindigs

We like to entertain at thishawksnest, so Hawk was kind enough to throw me a little 30th party and open up the house to all our friends. We had a great turn out, and we're so grateful so many were able to make it (and stay until so long!), but we also had to laugh.

Hawk and I planned two parties without realizing it: he planned a kegger, and I had little notes and projects up for people to do for fun. We are dorks. But everyone took advantage of it anyway!

This first photo says it all:

We moved the large dining room bench into the living room to create more seating space:

And cleared out the dining room for dishes to pass (and yes, we realize we REALLY need to get something on those walls!). You can also see two of the three fabrics we're weighing for curtains.

Because our basement has that nice 70's faux paneling and we planned on putting the keg down there, I thought it would be fun to display our old trophies and Hawk's many golfing plaques. 

We've got a few like Carlos Lee, three of the five Miller Park Racing Sausages, Dwight Schruit, Al McGuire, and even my Kite Award from 1987:)

Okay, the girly time. I'm a little embarrassed that I did this, but it turned out to be fun! I made two stations near the keg: first, a photo station, and second, a quote station. I thought it would be neat to have people write quotes on extra fabric I had, and then to frame them. 
Here's Jared pinning his to our photo backdrop:
And props. You need props for a good photo "booth."
We ended up with a number of great shots. Some were a little, shall we say, risque, but the rest are fun enough to post:

This last one is my favorite. I love how it looks like it could actually be a Christmas card, all Hallmark-like.

Last but not least, I was teasing our friend, musician Mike Mangione of Mike Mangione & the Union (he's worth the plug!) about his earring holes and dared him to wear my earings. He did! I think this should be their next album insert:

And if you're wondering about this little teaser:
Check back tomorrow after Etsy Friday! We'll show you what it's all about.

Thanks for checking us out today!


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