we're very put out

Yesterday began as any other Wednesday, except that all the surrounding Milwaukee areas were cloaked in an all-day-and-night fog. Thick fog (pretty cool, actually). So I should have known something was up. I started straightening up the house as I do every day before I leave for work. Specifically, I went around popping the balloons the Mangiones blew up for me and our Saturday Sheepshead night.

And when I opened the fridge, I found that the light was off. And the fragrance wafting from the formerly on dishwasher smelled like this:

And we don't exactly eat a lot of fish. So I opened up the washer and found nothing was clean, but everything was wet.

EGADS! It was dead. .

And the fridge was off, which meant somewhere, something blew a fuse! (And my teens reminded me aaaall day that it really was a circuit breaker since homes no longer use fuses. Stupid education. At least I still taught them about Evites and Pandora). So I rush downstairs and rework the breakers. 
I hear everything shut off, but when I return upstairs, the fridge and DW are still silent.

I resort to Plan B: 
Call hubbie at work and tell him he needs to fix it. Note: this photo is not Hawk at work. Well, it is, but not the work he does to make a living. You get the idea.

I rush off to work. He calls back and tells me to go home and flip this switch, which is located above the DW, on the opposite wall as the fridge, behind the coffee maker. I rush home as soon as I can after work. After all, our food is beginning to waste...
Just looking at that cord and knowing it's attached to the coffee maker makes me really crave coffee. Ugh, Lent! 

I flip the switch and the fridge goes on! The DW restarts! And then...

It dies. Permanently. With all our dishes inside--and we load that sucker so we only have to run it 2-3 times per week.

So now it smells like rotting fish all through the house. I resort to those way-too-strong candles you get at Walgreens:
So now it smells like Christmas. And it's spring. In Wisconsin. Which is very confusing for one's senses.

So our home insurance covers the DW. The guy comes by tomorrow morning. We'll see what needs to be done with it. Do you think I need to remove the dishes? I was hoping after 12 years of handwashing dishes, I'd never return to the act.

Happy Thursday!

Sneak peak: We're holding our very first giveaway next week! Get ready!


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  1. For any of your readers that don't know, the outlet with the red and black buttons is called a GFCI-ground fault circuit interrupter. It acts as an instant,localized circuit breaker. It is usually found on homes built in the last 25 years, give or take a few,or in older homes that have been rewired. A GFCI saved my husband's life when he started to be electrocuted using afaulty, old metal drill in our garage at the same time he was touching the metal overhead door. Inside the home they are usually placed within a foot or two of any water faucet. Helpful if you unknowingly touch an appliance that is plugged in when you are wet or standing in or touching water. Do you have to buy a new dishwasher now?


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