etsy friday : a little picnic

Springtime. It is finally here in Wisco. Tulips and daffodils everywhere, and grass that is at least a relative to the grass in Ireland. While hunting around on Etsy, I found the above fine print and was reminded of a spring picnic Hawk and I took 2 years ago. Mama Shedd gave us a picnic basket (stacked) for the wedding shower.

So here's a little tribute to picnics, etsy style:

First, the basket:

And the blanket, preferably one that rolls into this:
From this:

And a big plate for the fresh fruit so you can pick it out with your fingers:

And a cute top so when you drop the raspberry down your front, you still look good with that new stain:

Some beautiful growth sprouting around you:

A cute, colorful hobo to throw over your shoulder when you take a walk:

Food, of course, though it needn't be real:

Some wildlife, in entertaining Cirque de Soleil poses or not:

And perhaps a story, say, Little Red Ridinghood to read aloud to each other:

We've a busy weekend with parties, birthdays, much work time (yay for comp days!) and hopefully a walk or two. 

Thank you for joining us today!



  1. This is just wonderful!!
    Thank you so much for including my Rust Stoneware Bowl in your picnic:>)

  2. Thanks so much for including my Teddy Bear Picnic top!



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