A wall of t-shirts. Looks like it could be a wall of art or maybe, candy. And yet, it is a bunch of t-shirts. In Kansas. 

We talked about this as a foursome, and I confess, I was a little unsure. Go to a store and make a t-shirt? But then, we walked in and it hit me that this was going to be sweet.

You know you're in a good place when they've made this shirt and put it eye-height on the wall:

So here's what you do. This is the store, with the what-we've-already-done on one wall and a blank shirt selection on the other, and in the center, there are 4 computers. Even the chandelier is fun.

The shirts are all American Apparel, so they fit like they should on a lady. And on a man. But not the same shirt. Oh, you know what I mean.

The first step is to research what you want on the shirt. Here's Hawk, clearly with one thing on his mind:

 After a long discussion, Lori and I were joking around and she said, "Let's put our faces on it!" I already knew I wanted this on my front:
I'm not narcissistic, but Luke & Lori are really really great! And this looks so retro.

So we took pictures of our faces:

 And gave the camera to the Photoshop wiz. Here's a little of the process:
 Since I'm from Wisco, he worked out the same message in our state outline to match my face.

Then, he worked out each so it does that Warhol look:
Then we chose our shirt color (mine was gray, Lori's was blue) and the graphic color from these:
We both chose a black sparkle sheet.

Then, she printed/cut out the image and prepared it to be heat-pressed onto the shirt fabric:

Here's the Photoshop guy finishing Lori's shirt:

The guys liked it so much, they decided to copy us. My mom always told me that copycatting is the best form of flattery---because you never doubt it.

They found their family crests and put it on the other's shirt, with the other's face on the back. 

Here's the final product:

And all for under $20 a shirt! Pretty good when you consider how personalized it is, and how great these t's are. Best souvenir ever.

Here are a few of the others we enjoyed:

This last one we thought for sure was Keanu Reeves, but it turns out it was the self-portrait of some local guy, and we thought it was hilarious:

So, what do you think? Good choice on the shirts?


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