a little easter recap

The Hawks hosted their first family holiday this Easter. Thankfully, we have bright white dishes we received from the generosity of wedding guests, so our decorations simply change around them. We highly recommend a set of white tableware, especially when you're starting out and you need flexibility.

We didn't have Easter decorations, so I went to Walgreens (the day before Easter) and found a bag of 50 plastic eggs. I grabbed a bouquet of tulips for $4.99, our green napkins from C&B, and managed to put together a simple Easter spread.

I used some of the leftover thread from our wedding invitations to string up a cascading, off-center, egg centerpiece.

My sister, in her constant state of creativity, had dyed eggs with her kids. She applied a few things we did when we were kids, like drawing with white crayon before the dye is applied, and then utilized Martha Stewart's technique.
Here's the homemade version:
And Martha's:

Jen's sister taught her how to make this cake. It has a layer of chocolate cake on the bottom, some creamy fudge cream in the center, and the top layer is a yummy cream cheese (not overpowering). Topped with chocolate genache, drizzle, and chips set into the side fudge frosting. Even Hawk, who isn't a huge sweets fan, loved it.

Jen's mother hid eggs outside for all the kids (including the adult kids), so we spent our first hour together searching through the yard for our specific color.

Everyone else is pretty shy about being on the blog, and I love that we caught a photo of my and Dad Shedd.
In our faith tradition, Easter lasts a few more weeks, so happy Easter!



  1. I am impressed. Amazing tulip arrangement.

  2. awesome! your home looked lovely, and how wonderful to have your family there to celebrate.


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