the green room : update

We've finally settled into the Green Room, though we've yet to really decorate it. This weekend, we hope to rearrange the Blue Room and continue work on the basement. In the meantime, because I receive enough emails asking for updated room pictures, we're showing you the current state of each room.

And while we definitely want to get that whole Cottage Living or YHL finished look in each space, we're glad you understand and are interested in the process it takes to get there.

One last note: we're hoping to receive more "before" shots from the buyer agency. We thought we had them all so we didn't think to go through and take more shots of each room before we began working on them.

the Green Room. This is what it looked like in October:

We sanded every square inch of the space:

With the shards to prove it:

Painted and primed. or primed and painted. It really should be the latter.

Hawk detailed/"cut" every corner and border both low and high, while I rolled. We took the lovely lavender to a soft, natural green.

 And we removed the tape.

We found this desk at World Market back in July '09. We love the chair and how the whole piece has a simple and classic style.

And here is where we are today. The light pours in, things are organized though mismatched, and it no longer smells like paint. We positioned the desk so that it extended into the center of the room so that our pieces were not pressing against each wall with a gigantic whole of nothing in he middle of the room, and so that the desk user could see out one of the windows rather than face a blank wall. 

We also store Hawk's musical instruments in this room. I would like to do so with more gusto, but we're not sure how to work that out yet and keep the instruments from falling into harm's way.

We'd like to repaint this bookcase, which my dad and I assembled and painted yellow back in 1986, and which I painted green over the yellow back in 2006. 
We are thinking that the same Alabaster by Sherwin Williams that we've covered the ceiling and all trim with would be perfect. We both like the idea of a lot of white furtniture in the spare bedrooms. With white backdrops, we won't have to worry about mismatching pieces (like that new file cabinet we purchased that doesn't work at all color-wise), and we can add pops of color through other fabrics and pieces and maintain the freedom to change them out whenever we want.

So there you have it. The current state of the Green Room. For better or worse, though we think better.

Happy Thursday!


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