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I confess, I've dreaded blogging as of late. 

My faithful readers, thank you for enduring it, as I'm sure you've noticed a lack of consistent blogging this past month. I am not entirely sure why, but I believe it has a little to do with trying to become what the blogging world already embraces instead of simply going with instinct, inclination, and reflection. We (yes, we, though Hawk doesn't directly write) started thishawksnest because Hawk and I found that working through new home ownership in our first year of marriage opened doors for greater marital development than might have otherwise occurred. We called these connections: {devote}

Quite some time has passed since we added a {devote} portion to a post. So tonight, we're returning to a more authentic hawks' nest...

{devote} : a dress & a dance
Yesterday, we went to a wedding--the first of nine this summer--in Cottage Grove, Badger Farms. Doesn't that sound inviting? College friends of Hawk whom I am an acquaintance. Lovely people and lovely guests, some of whom were married only last year (11 weddings in that one!).

Overall, the wedding was delightful. Yellows, whites and beiges within a new/old barn. We sat on a third floor landing, looking down. The bride and groom were so entranced and giddy, yet sophisticated and composed. Hawk held my hand or put his arm around me at every opportunity. We are one of those happy couples who have very detailed memories of our wedding ceremony, and it seems that we relive them at every wedding we attend.

a dress : And with my birthday money from Mom & Dad Shedd (thank you!), I purchased the dress from Francesca's Collections, and I kept it visually hidden from Hawk until yesterday's wedding. I'm afraid these photos will have to suffice, as we forgot our cameras yesterday. 

The bottom portion is made of a faux jean material, soft, thin and lightweight, with a shimmer. The upper third adds just the right touch of embellishment. Sleek, yet ultra feminine.

It may not look like much, but it packs a punch when you fill it out. I felt marvelous. For the first time EVER, I was the girl receiving random stares and compliments about the dress. Not one compliment, but a dozen. This sort of thing never happens to me! 

the dance : Nonetheless, it was just one of those days where I felt out of place, tired, and a little unwell. Everyone else knew each other from college and church and while they were very welcoming, I didn't quite have a place. 

An hour into dancing, I crept up to the third floor for a break. Just to sit and be for a moment. I noticed Hawk searching for me, so I went down to explain that I was fine but that I preferred to take a rest. I insisted that he return to the dance floor, but after a verbal tennis match, "Jen, I'd rather sit with you than dance with anyone else," we crashed upstairs once again.

After I'd finished a soda (I was the DD for the evening), he suggested we have our own dance party. No one else was up there, after all. 

I hesitated the briefest of moments before tossing down my Shirley Temple and letting him pull me to my feet.

The light show reflected all through the third floor loft, and we had just enough room to kick up our heels. In no time, I was laughing, swinging around him, being dipped, going low during "Shout!" and giggling like a silly schoolgirl. It was rather awkward when an older couple came up the stairs and we were crouched on the ground waiting for Shout to swell, but even then, we kept the party going through three songs. Even they were laughing.

After that, our good friend, Kurt, grabbed a chair for the infamous chair dance, established as a wedding tradition at ours last May (photo below), so of course we had to run down and join him.

And for the rest of the evening, I was on cloud nine. No, higher. Much higher.

What selflessness, to hide away and sit when he could be dancing with long-time friends. What humility, to cut the rug without a care in the world. What husbandness, to think of my happiness and my presence as the greater gift.

We're nearing our year anniversary. Two weeks from now. We've planned a getaway (we're not telling where), and after last night, I feel like I'm going on a honeymoon all over again.

So thank you for bearing with the absences. We plan to keep Housewalking, HouseNotMine, and our home updates, but we'll be doing so only in so far as they contribute to the {devote}, even if we do not mention it specifically each time. 

yours sincerely,
~j & hawk

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  1. Nice post. I face the same sort of issues with my blogs. I post when the urge takes me, not on a fixed schedule.


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