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You know those days when you set your eye on something, you mention it to someone, and the next thing you know, it's lodged between your screen door and your winter door, happily bouncing up and down in anticipation of being opened?

Well, a few days ago, it happened to me. I shot a quick email to my mom, and two days later, I found this little puppy waiting for me after work!

It's Anna Maria Horner's new book, handmade beginnings. I've often admired her fabrics, I love her quilts, bags, projects, and how she takes control when she's featured on Martha Stewart. My big lofty goal is to finish 3 projects before the baby comes. I'm thinking that if I can break out my sewing machine (missing bobbins, where are you?) and put out a 20-minute skirt I found (more on that later), then I can accomplish 3 projects before Thanksgiving.

Three of the possibilities are listed below. The bag, the bird, and the booties. I'd really like to create that cute jacket, but I'm not sure I can swing it, and since Ace (the bean, bun, peach, whatever) won't fit into it until later summer, early fall 2011, I figure I have some time.

And isn't it just the icing on the cake that I received this from my mom, the same woman who sighed when I said I would "never take up sewing," and then saw me cry gratefully when I received my first sewing machine that Christmas 6 years ago? Sort of like 2 generations preparing for the third.

Well, happy Wednesday everybody!


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