oh that chic desk space!

I've wanted a table-desk instead of a traditional desk for a couple years now, but in our home, we just don't have space for two desks--at least not in an office-like setting that would be most desirable.

And at work, I have a monstrous desk. The size of a dining room table, no joke. I've often commented that I'm going to put dinner placesettings out for people. It's just too much for my office, and it's not helping me clear things away. My boss is letting me paint the walls a new color, so I thought the desk face lift would do some good.

It's going to look like this, but with a white top instead of metal (cheaper and a little warmer).

Each table leg costs $10.00.

The table top is made of fiberboard and paper and costs $29.99.

That brings the total cost (not including the gas to drive 2 hours to Ikea) to $69.99 before tax. I'm saving money by getting an exercise ball instead of a chair, so the grand total desk-and-office makeover will be just around $100!

Here's to cheap and easy makeovers!


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