etsy friday : b is for bird

Another lovely etsy friday. I'm thinking of how we can rework and revamp the thishawksnest logo, so birds are on the brain. I tried choosing "hawk" images in honor of our name, but came up with some fearful results. So a snabbed what worked, and supplemented with some robins and sparrows. Enjoy! 

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



  1. Thank you for including my Easy Cut Pop-up Kirigami pop-up card pattern! I hope you have time to check out my video tips at: http://www.easycutpopup.com. My wish is that more people will discover how fun the paper craft of Kirigami really is!

  2. Thank you very much for featuring my work! Best of luck!
    I really like your blog. I will read it again!

  3. EasyCut: I agree! Thank you for the tip!

  4. Rastu: You're very welcome, and we would love to have you back!

  5. Thanks for featuring my Letter B for Bird print!! What a lovely little piece of the internet you have here. Will surely be back :)
    x bess


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