if you build it...

I believe a good number of the things we want in a home can be repurposed or made by hand. Now, that doesn't mean that we will necessarily do that ourselves--for various reasons. BUT, when I can swing it, it shall be done.

Some of you may know about my obsession with Alaskan native Ana White and her ability to be beautiful, stylish, and completely competent with a mitersaw and kreg jig (oh, how I long for a kreg jig!). She encourages women around the world to make their own furniture. Not crafts. Furniture. We're talking beds, shelves, closets, benches, dining sets--you name it.

Case in point:

photo by ana-white.com

We're going to make this. 

Before the baby comes. Mom Hawk and I are going to create it, paint it white like the rest of the trip in the room and put little matching baskets underneath. And maybe a throw pillow.

Just watch us.


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