nursery nesting

We've been getting the question, "Have you set up the nursery yet?" quite a bit these days. And with work heating up (Sept.-Nov. are the busiest months of the year for me) and Hawk traveling for work soon (Vegas, baby! Ve-gas!), we felt we needed to make a few decisions and get down to it.

Mom & Dad Shedd gave us our crib and dresser as our big baby gift (thank you!!!). VERY exciting. We also like that what will house our little one came from our parents. We knew we wanted white, and we knew that the lifetime crib, or 3-in-1 crib, was the best idea for our long-range family plans. In other words, why end up with a crib in 10 years when you can have a full-size guest bed? 

And yes, I said 10 years. This gal's 30's are hopefully going to be all about the bebes.

So here are the crib and dresser we chose. The crib is Bonavita Hudson, and the dresser is Bonavita Peyton. We were able to score them with the mattress for a sale. We researched, and we're pretty sure we got a crib that won't be recalled, will last for the next decade or more, and won't fall apart after years of us leaning into it to make sure the kiddos are still breathing. 

This weekend, Hawk and Dad Hawk picked them up from across town. Halfway through the move, Dad said, "Get the camera! This little bugger needs to know what it took to make him comfy!"

So I did.

This is the dresser. It weighs way more than Hawk and could have housed a carnie family.

Taller than some of our children may ever be--with my great tallness genes going for them...

And a proud stance for a job well done!

Who knew it could take so much effort? We'll keep you updated as nursery nesting continues. And I love that while nesting is a normal way to say it, it sounds cooler in a "hawks nest" blog...

Happy Monday, everybody!

~j & Hawk

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