autumn drives and 6:30 darkness

Today is one of those days where I drive Hawk to work so I can use the car for work appointments during the day, and I'd forgotten how dark it gets in October at this hour! I love these days because we get to spend an extra 60 minutes alone together. But before you get this idea that we share only intimate, meaningful conversations---we don't. It's 6:30am! Sometimes I read a magazine and always, we laugh about Bob & Brian on the radio.

But it's that simple time together that we both crave. It used to be guaranteed on Fridays, but my standing appointment (an hour of adoration at a church on the drive home) was cancelled at the beginning of September due to a few carjackings (it is Milwaukee, a.k.a "little Chicago", after all). 

And I've really missed that 30 minutes in the morning with him. For a few weeks, and I can't remember why, we borrowed his old car that we sold to his parents. After one week, he said, "I hate having my own car and getting to do whatever I want without you. Let's drop it off soon." It hit us both how very good it has been to share a car. To work around each other's schedules. To be sacrificial in small matters. To have uninterrupted car time.

So, today's a good start to my day. And yesterday, on the walk to work, here's what I saw and it made me very happy.

Happy Wednesday!


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