a few fall attempts

With the baby growing big and me growing tired, I'm trying to get a few more activities in before it is too late. Here's the current (partial) list:
  • Build the front bench
  • Find curtain rods for LR, DR, Ace's room
  • Hem and hang curtains
  • Create, hem, and hang crib skirt(s)
  • Have young neighbors over for a little shindig
  • Decorate with white pumpkins
  • Figure out Christmas decor so our house is homey during the season
Yup. A good list. Somewhat challenging, but doable for sure.

For the neighborhood gathering, I want to create 3-4 dessert dishes with pumpkin or apple ingredients. Add some spiked apple cider, good music, and the game things, and we should be set for a great evening!

I'd like to do something like this for the table:

But it will likely look more like:

Which is still pretty sweet. And I want to make this pear-cranberry pie:

Who knows? I may just be able to pull it off!

Happy Wednesday!


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