A couple Fridays ago, we threw a small dessert-and-drinks party for our single neighbors or those with young children. It was really hard to limit the guest list, but we wanted it to be personal. I spent the day before and the afternoon of baking orange-ginger scones, iced pumpkin cookies (the best!!!), triple-berry bran muffins, and a raspberry-apple pie. 

I've found I'm happier at a party when there is a little extra decoration and soothing, appropriate aromas. We lit that favorite candle of mine, Autumn by Slatkin, and I set up limited decor around the first floor to create just enough of that autumn feel without being overwhelming.

Here is my list of supplies:
  • Big white pumpkin, and 9 small orange pumpkins and gourds from Stein's Gardens & Gifts (total cost, $9.00).
  • Red leaves purchased from Michael's after last autumn's season. Cost under $2.00.
  • Fresh apples from Sendik's. Whatever looked festive and was still under $1.39 per lb.
  • Mason jars at $6.99 for a dozen 16 oz. jars at Pick'N'Save. $6.99!
  • Strips of muslin fabric left over from previous projects over the years.
  • Two dozen white and orange-flame roses from Sendik's for $5.00 per dozen. Total of $10.00 for 24 roses!
  • Fresh cranberries from Sendik's for 2 for $5.00.
  • Small glass globe vases from a rummage sale in August. 4 for $2.00.
Here is the centerpiece in our dining room. Note, this was clearly taken the day after the party. You can see our leftover scones and the remnants from the iced pumpkin cookies in the background (for shame!).

We positioned pumpkins in groupings in only three areas so they would stand out, but again, refrain from overwhelming our visual senses. So one bowl of 4 roses when on the living room hutch.

The majority of the roses when in the dining room on the buffet to add color.

And another small bunch went in the living room nearest the door seating area. Still leaves enough room for people to put drinks down, but brightens up that corner.

And here is a glimpse of my first-ever raspberry-apple pie! 
I thought I overfilled it, so I removed some of the filling prior to baking. Good to know for the future. And I chose not to cover the top with a full layer of pie crust because I didn't have a rolling pin or enough time. And yes, a few tiny portions are perhaps a little crisp. But all in all, it was delicious and made me happy to eat. I firmly believe that in baking items like this, an 80% success is a complete success. It improves from there, and it's still edible and mostly pretty!

Hopefully tonight I'll be finishing our first DIY nursery art project so I can show you in the morning. 

Happy Wednesday!


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