coffee table redo: you know you're nesting when...

Yesterday was my last real day of work. Though Ace hasn't arrived, I've begun taking my maternity leave. I need to be back by a certain day in January regardless of when Ace arrives, so rather than waste time in the office (I worked ahead to finish everything through the end of January) and lose some of that time off, I decided enough was enough: I am staying home.

But before going into work yesterday, I got antsy. I took one look at our coffee table and decided: today is the day! I am finally going to paint the coffee table.

So I did.

Here's what it looked like before:

And here it is today.

I used the same primer and paint (Behr mixed to Sherwin Williams Alabaster) that we've used throughout the rest of the house. One coat primer. Proper drying time. Two coats paint with 4 hour drying time in between. Success! And I used that foam roller I've loved since the kitchen redo.

I really need to figure out how to take more appealing shots with my point-and-click, but you get the idea. It makes a total difference in the room! Brighter, cleaner, more composed. Now all the room's wood materials are either very dark or painted white. We love it. I thought Hawk would come home and shake his head in dismay (I wouldn't have blamed him), but he really likes it! 

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  1. it looks great! i'm not 9 months preggers and i can't get a thing done around here. impressive!


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