pottery barn vs. jcpenney

When do you buy brand vs. knock-off?

Because our parents never supported name-brand clothing when we were kids, we've thankfully avoided the brand-trap. You know what I mean. Something hideous becomes desirable just because Gucci made it, when in reality you NEVER would have purchased it if you saw it in Sears.

I avoid the brand-trap with everything from clothing to decor to utensils by asking one simple question in 2 forms:
  1. Would I like this if I saw it in (insert lower-end brand)?
  2. Would I find this ugly if I found it in (insert higher-end brand)?

So when the latest Pottery Barn bedding mag came out, I knew I wouldn't have a hard time resisting. If I saw any of the following over-worked, uninspired pieces in JCPenneys, I would walk right on by...

Okay, those butterfly pillows aren't bad, but you get the idea. And this last link os a JCP spread I would have pictured in PB.

You? Have a clever way to avoid spending money on a name over the object itself?


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  1. what a good exercise in making sure you really do want something!


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