oh little one

My little one is having minor foot surgery next week. Minor in that it is not invasive, but major in that he will receive general anesthesia. Totally out.

Thankfully, we have Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in our backyard, so I trust their hands. I remember when my youngest nephew underwent surgery, and he turned out just fine (he's incredible!).

But it's still hard to send him into a room and to not be with him. It's hard to think of any complications arising, so I've been reminding myself that this is routine for them.

Look at those feet. Aren't they precious? I loathe feet unless they're under 5 years old. Maybe six, but that's pressing things. As baby and toddler feet, they're still chubby and soft and smooth and chubby. Did I say chubby? 

Happy Thursday and thanks in advance for any prayers you can send his way.



  1. Jen, that's so hard! We'll surely pray for all of you...miss you guys! Glad I got to meet Cormac! What a handsome little guy...can't imagine his feet aren't absolutely perfect!

  2. You are the sweetest! We really appreciate the prayers...


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