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Since becoming a mother, I cry more. I understand less. Like humbly asking for help from church groups because your baby doesn't have a place to sleep in your Appalachian house. Knocking down a small Tres Palmes 6' x 5' hut that formerly housed 6 people including a baby. Disrespect toward mothers. And worse, adults who hurt children. Adults who choose to see a baby's cries as evidence of a sinful nature and a tendency toward manipulation rather than God-given communication of base needs.

I know, it's Monday, Jen! Where's the DIY? The light-hearted fodder? What sort of jelly beans are lodged in your brain today?

Well, the DIY and normal stuff is coming, I assure you. But first, for those of you who crave a bit more, I suggest a new documentary.

I'm eager for it, not merely because I can't get enough of the documentary genre. This facinates me, and of course that scene where the 2 year old (I'm guessing) runs toward his mother/aunt/sister(?) makes my heart melt. Ugh. I HATE tearing up at these things, but it seems that my sonny boy tore my heart a big ole hole for babies that can't be "repaired" anytime soon.

That and I already read this and this and this and this the past few days.

devote :: Hawk and I received our tax refunds already, and we've been talking about how to spend the money (we already save 16% of our gross incomes, so we don't really need to add to that pot). New couches? Art? Or where we really want it...new doors, stoops that aren't crumbling, and replacement basement windows so we don't waste money heating the outside. And all the while I'm thinking of these families around the world who hold their babies tightly to them to keep them warm or healthy or safe. We also had a scare two nights ago. Cormac's AngelCare Monitor sounded twice in 90 minutes. And when we raced upstairs, we found him barely stirring even though the alarm was inches from his head. Not a problem with the monitor before or since, so I'm convinced that he was either breathing so low or had stopped altogether, triggering the alarm, and the sound of the alarm stirred him back to deeper breathing. I want to hold him tightly to me to keep him warm and healthy and safe.

I hope the trailer inspires you! What have you guys seen or heard about lately that resonates?



  1. love the trailer!!!

    ps. it's nice to hear the personal side of your life. i for one appreciate it. keep up the house and home stuff but let us into your personal life, too!

  2. james (& allie) from delawareApril 11, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    so scary to read about the monitor! I bet you're relaly glad you bought it now!

  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate the personal interest, and yes, we're VERY grateful for the monitor.

  4. Jen, I had heard of Babywise but never heard anything negative about it until reading about Catholic parenting in Parenting with Grace. Interesting. (obviously we do anything but schedule our child, but could do better)...Anyways, thanks for your post!


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