happy anniversary, babe

Happy Anniversary, Hawk.
Two years ago, we hitched ourselves to something pretty great. Unique. Far from mediocre, mundane, merose.
The walk thus far has had it's great challenges, but we knew that going in...

Marriage calls each spouse
to fight against himself for the sake of his beloved.
~alice von hildebrand

You take care of me. You carry me past my own faults. You make me a great wife and mother. And I like how your eyes match your blue ties.

Thank you for making me take life less seriously the past 2 years of marriage. Thank you for providing for us. Thank you for wanting our family to grow, and to grow quickly. Thank you for making a home, making a marriage, and making it all even better than I envisioned it could be.

I respect and admire you above all others.


all photos courtesy of frontroom photography, taken by erin calfe weide


  1. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!

  2. Love the quote. So true. Might start putting it in wedding cards. Or do you? :)
    Hope you had a beautiful day and got to snuggle both your boys!


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