a pile and a person

Not too long ago, the little guy helped me clean out my closet and drawers. I was feeling totally overwhelmed by laundry---Mom Hawk would have clean, folded piles waiting for me to put away the days she watched Ace, and by the time she arrived the next week, they were often still in piles outside my closet. 

So I took another shot all Hawk-style. I washed what was dirty and then picked each piece up, looked it over, asked myself, "When is the last time I wore this?" or "Is this the look I really want to have being a mother and a professional?" Since I had gone through a long phase of buying articles on sale, I had created for myself a closet full of cotton. And as I'm the sort of person who gets carded at the mall because the underage security guard thinks I'm under 18 and the curfew is in effect (no joke), I concluded it's really time for me to dress my age.

I managed to let go of HALF my clothing possessions. HALF, people. When I was finished, I actually had empty drawer space! Now, I find myself using every drawer and ever hanger through the week, where in the past I wouldn't have searched through an over-packed drawer.

The biggest help? Saying, "Walk away, Jen," whenever I had that sentimental sense toward an item or thought, "But I really will wear this this year."

Walk away. Just walk away.

When is the last time you did a spring/summer/sanity cleaning? Was it hard? Or are y'all just that organized you'd never need one?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. We did a cleaning as a Lenten resolution. :) And I'll probably do more in prep for #2.

  2. Brilliant. I'm looking forward to meeting your second kiddo!

  3. Ah, the purge. It's probably one of my favorite pasttimes, although I must admit that with a crawling, standing, moving little critter everything is a little harder! I'm looking forward to a good downsize as we get packing for the trek west. C is looking mighty cute and helpful sitting in that pile!

  4. Please send that picture to your mother. : ) Thank you


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