the bakery : banana cake with cream cheese frosting

Now that I'm not working, weekends has become a favorite word. For the first time in 10 years, I have no commitments other than what we want to do. Yes, that want includes things like yard and housework, but we really take pride in keeping our home, so it is still a want situation.

I want that same grateful appreciation from our family. After a long week at work, at school, with sports and other commitments, I hope each person will come home on Fridays and breathe in the deep aroma of something special, something that sets the weekend apart from the rest of the week. I want our children to prefer home over everywhere else, so I better make home the place of desire.

As part of my study and practice through Home Comforts, I've decided to take full hold of her encouragement to make the home feel like a sanctuary and thus to make Fridays a baking day. I aim to pull the goods from the oven so that the house fills with the fragrance of something delicious and delectable.

My friend, Carmen, and I were talking 1st birthdays, and she mentioned that for her daughter's they ordered a banana cake from a local bakery (a great local bakery!). I've never even heard of banana cake, so I thought it might be a good choice for my Friday bake session. The previous weeks I made zucchini bread (brilliant), chocolate/molasses cookies (so-so), and something else I can't remember, so it couldn't have been memorable.

Hope you can take advantage of it! Please do let me know if you make it.

I made two batches (one Friday and one Sunday) because I knew I wanted to give this to a friend who is bringing her baby boy home for the first time after 8 weeks in the NICU. The first time, I used this buttermilk substitute and the second, I used buttermilk. The second was MUCH better, but in a bind, the substitute works well. Also, both cakes were immediately placed in the freezer. I am sure there is a great reason for this, but all I know is that they really were moist moist moist (anyone else hate that word???).

Helpful Links:
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Original Recipe
I would show you a pic of the final yummy dish, but I finished it at night and walked it over to my neighbor's and for those of you who know anything about photography, you know that a photo just isn't going to look that lovely at night without the right light. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Check your flight. sorry, got on a roll there with the rhyme.

Happy Monday!


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