housewalking : 2.3

Notice the lack of post yesterday? Well, Friday I was diagnosed with costocondritis, something I'd been experiencing for 12 days prior. Apparently, motherhood and leaning into cribs can be quite dangerous. I damaged the muscles and cartilage between my left ribcage which makes movement, sleeping, picking up and laying down said child---painful. A number of things fell behind because I physically couldn't do them, so when it came to a clean house vs a blog post, I finally had to cave into my peace of mind in my line of sight (and smell). haha

For the housewalking purists, this may seem a bit of a slip up. But this is housewalking 2.x! We're playing with the rules a little bit, slipping in homes from our readers (thanks for sending them in!), a few larger scale places from villages nearby, and a catch, now and then, like this.

It's been raining a lot here in Wisco. The leaves are at the last edge of full color, and the air is as crisp as a cold McIntosh apple. I caught sight of while fueling my nightly pinterest obsession, and it's quite the fit--don't you just want to snuggle inside?!

Source: None via Elaine on Pinterest

Love the high roof.
the rickety fence
the green laced window trim
the two little dormer windows
the ooooold brick
and that bicycle.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. ugh, I have never heard of it but can imagine getting it, especially as leaning in to get Timmy in/out of the crib with a protruding stomach was not...easy...to say the least. Get better! I imagine all you can do is rest? Sorry you're not well.

    Pretty picture! So cozy!

  2. PS: where are the tummy pictures? cormac had more updates. :) j/k...i took very few with M!


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