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Three of my favorite blogs are cohosting a second pinterest challenge in which one pins an image online and then recreates, with a personal spin, that image. Anything from furniture to ornaments are popping up.

And I've done it! Nothing too crazy, now, but its done and done. Four times over.

But I can't show you until tomorrow. Because I have to finish scraping part of it.

So instead, I'd like to show you the pinterest and pinterest challenge entry that I'm going to do (i hope) for Christmastime this year:

Brandi found this pillow at Pottery Barn:
And very easily created this knock-off! I'm very impressed.
Pretty great, eh? Hope it gives you a little inspiration, too.

Happy Thursday! Mac and I are off to visit a friend's newborn girl. We come bearing gifts of teryaki chicken and my personal how to survive the first 2 weeks at home after giving birth basket.



  1. I love that pinterest challenge. I may have to try something out with that. I can't wait to see what you did :). The picture you share definitely inspires me! Oh, and I'm sure your friends will appreciate that survival basket hahah...

  2. what do you put in the 1st 2 wks basket??? 11 months old! crazy!


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