salon wall : step one, inspiration

Welcome back from the first of some major holidays!

The past two days have been busy busy busy here at the Hawk's house. I'm simultaneously decorating for Christmas and for Ace's 1st birthday party.

Since we moved in almost 2 1/2 years ago, we've done very little with our walls. We know we want go hang art pieces we both like, but finding those has taken us far longer than we anticipated, and our walls have remained blank canvases. Blank canvases over time just feel blank, blah, boring. Not the way an inviting home should be.

With the party, the holidays, and a new baby on the way I have just the right incentive to get going. Hawk would prefer that we hang only our permanent pieces, but I just can't wait another day to find them! I've always admired salon walls, so to fill up our longer living room wall, I gathered a number of pieces and frames (mostly from Ikea). I am keeping with a silver, white, and brown theme. A few pieces, like a commissioned painting of my vocation, will rotate according to seasons.

I have the original Cottage Living magazine from which this GREAT article came. I would do her entire living room in our house if I could. I just love it.

A few things about salon walls: I am not a fan of anything goes. I think there should be some sort of consistency between pieces be it frame color, distance from each other, being level---you know, the basics. I think anything can be used for a salon wall, but I think it should be somewhat universally appealing.

For example, these salon walls interest me even though I would not do it as they have done:

Here's what I would not do:

The last two just lack something mature. Not the pieces themselves, but the way in which they are arranged.

In the next post, I'll review my method for hanging & placement, something I got, of course, from someone else:)

Happy Wednesday!


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