it's official, we're quarantined

Self-imposed, of course, since the government doesn't do that very often anymore.
Or do they? hmmmm. Oh, and this is our newly remodeled reading nook:

just kidding.
Ace was sick again last week. High fevers, crying, no appetite, sleepless nights, doctors visits, compounded by vaccinations and finger-pricks. So now we're back to sleep training again for the 5th time since I've been a career-less woman. (Who knew one of the side effects of staying at home would be introducing various illnesses to your child through an increase in fun.)

Enough, I say, enough. 

So we're avoiding public places, I'm washing his hands every 5 minutes, and we're having to turn down really enticing playdates until I can give the kid a full 3-4 weeks of healthy, happy day and nighttimes. Yes, you read that correctly. Three to four weeks. This is hard-core, people.

Please don't be offended; it's not you, it's me. I just can't watch him cry himself to sleep or miss sleep myself, being all preggo and tired enough as it is.

On the bright side since we're losing our social life around one of the most social times of the year, I plan to increase his intelligence by 28 points, teach him Mandarin, make gourmet dinners using 16 or more ingredients, and sew a new quilt every day.

Right. At least I get more time with the little guy. And I recently read a great article by another blogger who closed with the need for mothers to make decisions in the best interest of the health, happiness, and holiness of their children. Consider this my tough decision for the health, happiness, and maybe even holiness of my wee 12-month-old.

Have any of you had to pull a stunt like this? What was it and how did it go?

Have a lovely Monday, friends. If things improve here, I hope to provide you with some great updates, making it home segments, and maybe even a room tour. 




  1. get better. i can totally understand, but i am sure it's hard for you to not be able to see people! poor little buddy; such a sweet little boy you have. at least advent will be quiet for you, right?

  2. I hope so! maybe this time I'll be rested and ready for Christmas! Hope your sweet boys are doing well!


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