pinterest friday : renovation innovation

Yesterday was a great day. After shopping and purchasing a few items for the house with Ace and later with Hawk, too, I felt the own-this-house-and-make-it-our-own pull I experienced at the beginning of our home ownership. But more on the specifics next week.

Suffice it to say it was one of those brilliant excursions where husband and wife see eye to eye. And that's saying a lot when there is 16" of air between our eye heights as it is. So once Ace was sleeping peacefully, we hopped up on that world wide web, walked around the house a few times pointing at this and that, and laid some plans for major home changes.

Today's pinterest gives you a glimpse into parts of our discussion. We don't have a budget for any changes right now, and we have no idea if everything we considered could be done. But we're excited. And that's exciting.

ahhh, now those other aspects have to fall in line.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Thanks for staying with the nest!



  1. oh, exciting. so what is your guestimate timeline for starting? aren't you doing the basement right now? you're crazy! but i love these photos

  2. Kerry,
    The timeline, realistically, is a good 12 months out. We consider the next year our planning stage. I've learned in the few years of home ownership that my first inclination is not the best and I will much prefer what comes after reflection, planning, and stepping back to see the big picture.

    Thanks for asking, though, because it puts a little fire under me to start that inspiration stage!



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