fake me out : built-in shelving

Hawk and I've been spending a bit of our long car rides the past few weeks talking about changes we can make in the house that are either a) appropriate for the 8-year length of time we expect to remain here or b) what we think would make this house really great should we stay or sell.

One of those changes includes building what appears to be built-in shelving along our north living room wall. We have a central window which extends to about 24" from the floor and the wall is right next to the dining room opening, so it doesn't work to put a ton of furniture against that wall. We both hate sofas against walls anyway, and we need functional, attractive storage space in our 1350 sq. ft. home.

Here's the best inspiration photo I've seen yet for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'd like to put the shelving units on either side of the window with a connected larger window seat directly under the window. Duh, where else would it go? Why do I write obvious things:)

I know, you were expecting a greater view of the shelf, right? Well that just goes to show you how hard its been to find an inspiration pic for this project!

What do you think? You like? When I learn how to redesign a room in Photoshop I'll whip up a little something special.


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  1. 8 years? I want to hear the reasoning behind that calculation.


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