a few days off

Morning, friends!

Last night was a doozy for us. We had our neighbor/friends over for dinner. It was our first time entertaining with a toddler who has a particular bedtime. Let's just say it wasn't our finest showing. Thankfully, they are a great couple so we still had a blast--laughed a lot, talked until we lost track of time. Set off two fire alarms, opened 4 different kinds of beer, wine, and liquor, and threw back a few Brandy Old-Fashioneds.

Very soon after they departed, Ace woke up with a desperate cry. Something just wasn't right with him; he's been sleeping through the night without any surprises for a while now. It took me 2 hours to get him settled and asleep, and he still woke shortly after 6am.

So I'm exhausted. I'm taking today through Friday as a little vacay from the blog. I have a few updates I'd like to install so instead of writing posts, I'll be working on them. I hope when we all return Monday, you'll be pleased with those I've got working.

Here are my early-weekend well wishes!



  1. what changes are you thinking? the blog looks great already, but I'm eager to see what you want to change.


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