editing photos :: a sneak peek

Our wedding photographer did a fantastic job and really captured some great moments like this:
 and this:
and this (our friend toasting his laptop inserts into the best man's speech):
 and this:
Like most good wedding photographers in the digital age, she took thousands of photos. The company gave us a proofing disc of 511 photos and we had the choice to either choose some for their team to edit and then print, or we could purchase the unedited images with a credit included in the package.

I knew I wanted a lot of photos, and I really enjoy playing around with Photoshop and actions, so we went with the second option. And I've had very positive responses from people who've seen the edited photos.

Here's a great example, and yes, I'm using a photo of myself because I think these before-and-after photos are terribly embarrassing, and I'd hate to do that to someone else!
Better, right? My eyes are brighter, less wrinkly, looks like my make-up was still on, and then there's a softer, more 70's film glow to the whole image. Even my teeth look whiter and I didn't even adjust that!

Here's another example from our wedding:
This is a sneak peek into a couple opportunities for thishawksnest readers! Stay tuned this week for details...

On another note, I thought this was interesting whether or not your a parent. I found I needed the same thing even when I was engaged and then married. What do you think?

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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