etsy friday :: deer oh deer

I know that deer heads and artwork are all the rage, perhaps the new thing since owls are on their way out, but before we jump ship I had to tag a friday's worth of deer.

My grandparents had a place in the UP (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) with 3 cabins from 1912-1915, a fishing house, and a main house all along a freshwater lake. I would spend countless hours watching the deer come right up to the windows. I really miss that place.

So here's our little ode to deer and those who love them.

Wasn't that fun??

Have a lovely weekend, friends. We're laying low, trying to prepare for Obie's arrival and visiting with one of our groomsmen, Sean, while he's back from his PhD. program at Duke U. We don't always agree, but I love conversing with him because he knows that words matter. We're both theology nuts, so Hawk inserts humor and rolls his eyes:) We can't wait!

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