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I love area rugs. I love hardwood floors, so I guess area rugs would go hand in hand with hardwood floors. We only have one carpeted room in the house (thanks to Mom Hawk's Christmas present basement renovation!), so I'm just dying to find the perfect rug for every other space in the house. For this week's pinterest, I've found inspiration for each space in our house. I hope you enjoy them!

I turn 32 this weekend, Hawk's planned some sort of really fun day & night for us, and I'm dying my hair (I CANNOT WAIT) ombre. AHHHHHHHHH! It was Hawk's Christmas present to me, so I've saved it until the 3rd trimester (for baby safety) close enough to delivery that I won't be all gray-haired mom in the photos. Because that's what really matters. Gray hair. Not healthy babies, or anything like that. C'mon, people. Get with the times.*

Okay, confession time: I'm also a little scared about my birthday. Why? Because I think we may be leaving Ace overnight, and I've only been away from him for one night (a camp-out with teens for work) and he was with Hawk the whole time. You know how it is when you're (happily) married; your spouse is basically you, so if the baby is with him/her, it's like not really being away. I'm going to miss being near him SO much, but I think marriage is the basis for happy-family, and I do so like me some Hawk time. Blah blah blah. On to rugs. That sounds dirty. Egads.

For our "foyer" area. Ha, because I like to think we have a foyer.
Source: rugs-direct.com via V on Pinterest

For our soon-to-be gray bathroom

And this one for the upstairs hallway:

Or this:

For the powder room, if the rug could be small:

Source: lowes.com via Bonnie on Pinterest

For the living room:

For the kitchen:

So there we have it. Have a lovely weekend, friends!


*I am joking. You should know that. I would go all bag-lady gray right now if it guaranteed that we would be able to keep having children and that they would all be healthy, happy, and holy. 

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  1. Have a great birthday! Being away is so hard. I hope you have a great time and think of it as a trial run for being at the hospital (unless are you having a home birth and didn't tell me?). I sent Arch home right after M was born because I was so worried abbout T. :)


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