a quick note

Thanks for hanging around, friends. I just checked in for the first time in many many days and discovered that the blog has had another 5000 hits in my absence. Wowzah! Looks like I really need to get back on and get things moving. And I want to! Before Poppy arrived I had a few things in the works to get up for you.

But to be honest, I'm just not getting the time to spend on the blog. I miss it. I think about it constantly. Every new meal I've made, every new book I've read, every new experience with the kiddos that teaches me yet another incredible life/parent/marriage experience...but I just haven't been able to snatch the time to do so.

I'll be back as soon as I can with some good things. 

Thanks again for staying with us. I am so grateful for the little community I have in you.


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