Have a lovely weekend!

Ours is jam-packed with goodies. I'll tell you all about it next week. In the meantime, enjoy some goodies from around the web.

Saw this Roots & Jimmy Fallon Call Me Maybe kids' musical instrument concoction when it first came out, and I'm still loving it every day. Seriously, every day. We dance. Check out the kazoo guy in the lower left and the guitar guy...And Fallon's face. I could go on.

How about some magenta tennis racket fabric? And I'm obsessed with Holli Zollinger's latest fabric collections.

I made this Tres Leche Cake for our neighbor's Fourth Bloody Mary Bar. I just finished it. I'm a pig.

Make a massive water blob for your kids, spouse, or just your sassy self.

A beautiful post about how 6-year-olds can grasp the sublime.

I've been cooking lately from this Jamie Oliver cookbook, and it is ridonkulus. It's the first I'm choosing to buy for myself, and I've had it checked out and re-checked out from the library for 7 weeks now. It totally teaches you how to cook the way you need to cook. And yummy freshness.

And have you seen what he named his kids? I die.



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